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Cherry Bark Tea Canister

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Cherry Bark Tea Canister

Add a touch of luxury to your daily tea-making ritual and store your favorite loose leaf teas in this Cherry Bark Tea Canister. This stylish tea canister is crafted entirely from the bark of the cherry tree, a Japanese art form known as Kabazaiku. The bark is peeled off in strips from around the tree trunk, shaped and fitted into very unique and difficult to make tea canisters that are strong, durable and impermeable to air. You can easily store and keep up to 6oz of tea fresh for up to a year. Great gift for tea lovers!


  • Tea canister is made entirely from cherry bark
  • Bark is peeled off in strips around the trunk, shaped and fitted
  • Kabazaiku is the Japanese art of crafting items from cherry bark
  • Very strong and impermeable to air
  • Keeps your tea fresh and delicious for up to one year
  • Holds up to 6 oz of tea, depending on the size of the leaves

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