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Lekue Tea Ritual Set With Rainfall-Effect Hourglass Infuser

Lekue Tea Ritual Set With Rainfall-Effect Hourglass Infuser

Lekue Tea Ritual Set With Rainfall-Effect Hourglass Infuser

Enjoy a tranquil relaxing moment of zen each day when you make, serve, and enjoy a cup of tea brewed up in this cool new Hourglass Tea Ritual Set from Lekue. This unique tea set includes an airtight ceramic jar for storing loose-leaf tea, two glass tea cups with silicone sleeves, and a rainfall-effect tea infuser that looks and acts just like an hourglass. To use, just pour hot water into one end of the infuser, add loose-leaf tea, secure other end, and let it steep, and then when it's ready, simply flip the entire infuser over like an hourglass strain your fresh brewed tea as it peacefully rains down. A great way for tea lovers to enjoy the wait.

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  • A tea set designed to make your daily cup a calming ritual
  • Discover your daily tea ritual and make time stand still
  • Experience a moment of calm, happiness and wellness at home
  • Rainfall tea infuser that works like an hourglass
  • Start by pouring piping-hot water into one end of the infuser - it looks and functions like an hourglass
  • Then add a spoonful or two of loose-leaf tea, secure the the other end, and let it slowly steep
  • When it's ready, flip the infuser and watch the rainfall effect as it strains your perfectly brewed beverage
  • Turn the infuser like an hourglass and spend a few minutes in zen to enjoy the rainfall-effect infusion process
  • Silicone sleeves protect hands from heat
  • Cups neatly stack on top of each other, then both on top of the jar
  • Includes: Airtight ceramic jar for loose-leaf tea, two tea cups, and infuser
  • Materials: Ceramic, borosilicate glass, 100% platinum silicone, polypropylene (PP) plastic
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Size Infuser: 4.5" L x 8.3" H
  • Size Cup: 3.5" L x 2.5" H
  • Size Ceramic Canister: 3.5" L 4.5" H

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