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Tea Stick Infuser

Tea Stick Infuser

Tea Stick Infuser

If you take your tea brewing seriously and prefer the stronger flavors of loose leaf teas and the overall ritual of making it, then skip the typical metal tea infuser ball on a chain and go with something a bit more elegant like this cool new Kikkerland Tea Stick. Just add your favorite loose leaf tea into the tube, cap it up, fill a cup with hot water, and then stir in the tea stick and let it steep until redy. It features four slender infusion slits on the sides to let water pass through and can brew tea almost all the way down to the bottom of a cup. Best of all, most loose leaf teas can be used to make multiple cups of tea, unlike a boring, weak flavored tea bag with no style.

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  • Elegant and eminently functional tea infuser
  • A little more aesthetically pleasing than those metal tea balls on a chain
  • Four slender slits on the side that allow water to seep in
  • Clever design works whether you're brewing two inches of tea or a whole cup
  • Handy infuser to enjoy the more pronounced taste
  • Size: 0.75" Diameter x 5" L

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