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Wakocha - Green Tea and Coffee Blended Together

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Wakocha - Green Tea and Coffee Blended Together

I've never considered what could possibly happen if tea and coffee were brewed together into a single warm beverage. It's almost unthinkable! Well, there's only one way to test this insane fusion out and see if a black hole opens up and swallows the universe by trying out this cool new Wakocha Tea-Coffee Blend from Japan. This fascinating blend of the finest quality Tencha green tea from Nishio in the Aichi Prefecture and roasted coffee beans includes 10 handmade Washi paper filters, 1 jar of coffee bean honey (even more curiouser), and comes in a decorative wooden box. The perfect gift for tea lovers, coffee lovers, and everyone in between. 🤯


  • Green tea and coffee beans blend
  • A unique bridge between the cultures of coffee and tea
  • Tencha, the best quality tea that is powdered and becomes the matcha tea used in the tea ceremony,
  • A mix of roasted coffee beans from overseas
  • 10 handmade Washi Japanese paper filters
  • 1 jar of coffee bean honey
  • Presented in a beautiful wooden box
  • Result will appeal to both coffee and tea drinkers
  • Weight: 100g (3.5 oz)

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