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Secret Hidden Flask Mittens

Secret Hidden Flask Mittens

Secret Hidden Flask Mittens

This winter, if you don't have a trusty St. Bernard with a little barrel of whiskey hanging from its collar you can still survive the bitter cold with some warm spirits straight from these cool new Secret Hidden Flask Mittens. A regular flask is way too obvious and chugging on a full bottle is even worse, but who would ever suspect that you're concealing your favorite booze in your soft cozy mittens? This mitten set includes one normal mitten and one with a built-in 4 oz flask with a spill-proof tethered valve that inserts into a secret pocket. it even includes a little funnel for easy refilling. Perfect for sporting events, bonfires, shoveling snow, caroling, Christmas tree finding, hanging up holiday lights outdoors, snowball fights, or anytime you tell everyone you're kinda cold, but aren't. Available in red, black, or green.

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