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Swizzle Ice - Chill Down and Infuse Beverages With Unique Flavors

Swizzle Ice - Chill Down and Infuse Beverages With Unique Flavors

This cool new Rabbit Swizzle Ice Tray is a silicone mold that creates two ice balls filled with anything from fruit, herbs, tea, or juices and connects them to stainless steel swizzle sticks that allow you to chill down and infuse cocktails, wine, water, and beverages of all kinds with unique new flavors as you slowly stir. They're perfect for stirring in chilly splashes of citrus flavor to water, fruit flavors to sangria, herbal or floral flavors to cocktails, mint into mojitos, some actual ginger into ginger ale, or anything else you can dream up.


  • Silicone ice ball mold makes swizzle sticks that infuse cocktails, wine, and water with fruits, juices, and herbs to create signature cocktails
  • Don't just chill your drink, infuse it with delicious new flavors as you stir
  • Silicone mold is designed to freeze fruit, tea, herbs, or juices into your ice
  • Stainless-steel swizzle sticks let you stir with the ice
  • Infuses your drink with essence that gradually deepens as the ice melts
  • Wake up your water with orange and lime
  • Sip a summery watermelon sangria
  • Experiment with basil or thyme in your classic cocktails
  • Three recipes are included with the set, but the possibilities are endless
  • Easy to use and to clean
  • Size: 4" x 12" x 5"

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