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Spooky Halloween Gravestone Ice Cube Mold

Spooky Halloween Gravestone Ice Cube Mold

Spooky Halloween Gravestone Ice Cube Mold

This Halloween, keep your favorite poison chilled down as cold as the tingle running up your spine using ice made made in this cool new Gravestone Ice Cube Mold. This silicone ice tray makes 6 large gravestone ice cubes adorned with spooky skulls, bones, bats, R.I.P., and spiders. These ominous icy tombstones are not only perfect for chilling down a good whisk(e)y while watching old horror movies, the tray can also be used for making creepy soaps, candies, chocolates, gelatin, and more as well. Hmm, I bet you could mold actual miniature concrete gravestones for model-making or even for a beloved hamster or small pet that has passed too.

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  • Made of durable food-grade silicone
  • Dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer and microwave-safe
  • BPA, PVC, and phthalate free
  • Flexible ice molds can be easily twisted or pushed from the bottom to remove ice cubes for an easy release
  • Perfect for The Whiskey, Cocktails, Bourbon Drinkers
  • Use for ice, candy, chocolate, soap, gelatin, and more

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