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UFO Alien Abduction Tractor Beam Storage Jar

UFO Alien Abduction Tractor Beam Storage Jar

UFO Alien Abduction Tractor Beam Storage Jar

Wondering who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? ALIENS! 🛸 This cool new yet quite intergalactic-inspired UFO Storage Jar from Suck UK is a green-tinted glass storage jar that looks like an alien flying saucer's tractor beam trying to suck up all the contents stored within. The light beam storage jar is made from durable green soda-lime glass that's topped with an airtight UFO-shaped cork lid. It's perfect for storing cookies, pasta, cereal, tea bags, rice, flour, coffee, cotton balls, pet treats, random small objects, Reese's Pieces, or any other dry good you can imagine. Its subtle UFO design is perfect for leaving out on full display and it makes a great gift for anyone out there who wants to believe... or has actually been abducted, probed, and sent back on their way with a crazy tale.

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  • Out of this world a Glass storage jar with an airtight solid cork UFO lid
  • Green-tinted soda-lime glass shaped like a light-beam will make the contents appear to have been abducted by an alien life form
  • Perfect for preserving coffee, cereal, rice, pasta, cookies, tea bags, flour, and other dry goods
  • Secure airtight food container - 100% airtight lid
  • This is one versatile storage solution that you won't want to hide in the cupboard
  • Size: 6.41" W x 8.54" H x 6.41" D

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