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VinOice - Wine Chiller and Drip-Free Pourer

VinOice - Wine Chiller and Drip-Free Pourer

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The cool new VinOice perfectly pours and chills a bottle of wine with zero drips. Just place the stainless steel chill rod in the freezer until chilled and then reconnect it to the pourer and slide it into a bottle of wine. The chill rod maintains the wine temperature at an optimal drinking temperature for up to an hour and allows the wine to be poured drip free through a sleek gravity activated hinge cap without being removed. Additional chill rods are available to keep in the freezer when multiple bottles will be opened. Great solution for wine lovers.

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Wine2Go - Foldable Wine Bottle Flask
A reusable, flexible, and highly portable flask that holds an entire bottle of your favorite wine and folds up to save valuable space when empty. Perfect for camping, tailgating, sporting events, concerts, parties, hiking, boating, or anywhere you can get it into.
LED Wine Bottle Lights
Add a touch of intimate illumination to your next dinner or gathering with these cool new LED Wine Bottle Lights.
Goverre Portable Stemless Wine Glass
Portable spill-proof wine glasses made from actual glass that is secured in a wraparound silicone sleeve and topped with a drink-through lid.
Vagnbys Table Tower - Aerating Wine Dispenser
This elegant wine vessel aerates and dispenses all kinds of wine while entertaining.
Retired Napa Grapevine Coasters
A set of four rustic coasters individually handcrafted from a sequentially sliced retired Napa grapevine.
Skybar - Ultimate Wine Preservation & Optimization System
The first wine bar for the home that perfectly chills, naturally preserves and elegantly serves up to three wine varieties all from a single system.
Glass Porron Wine Pitcher - Pour Wine Directly Into Your Mouth!
When you don't have time to find a wine glass, simply pour the wine directly into your mouth with an authentic Glass Porron Wine Pitcher from Spain!
Erlenmeyer Flask Lab Wine Decanter
You don't need to be a mad scientist to effectively aerate a bottle of wine, just pour it into one of these conical-shaped 2000ml Erlenmeyer flasks straight out of a chemistry lab and either swirl it around or just let it sit and breathe a bit.
Mastrad Magic Wine Pourer
A magnetic field from within the pourer supercharges your wine, beer or liqueur's flavor as you pour.

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VinOice - Wine Chiller and Drip-Free Pourer
These hardcore prehistoric coasters are crafted from pieces of real petrified wood sealed in a clear resin.
VinOice - Wine Chiller and Drip-Free Pourer
Take your enjoyment of martinis and other cocktails to elegant new heights, literally, with these cool new Extra Tall Martini Glasses.
VinOice - Wine Chiller and Drip-Free Pourer
Serve up chilled shots, desserts, foods, and other snacks in these unique ceramic shot glasses that stay approximately 40% cooler than the ambient temperature for hours - even in the hottest weather and with no freezing required
VinOice - Wine Chiller and Drip-Free Pourer
Unique ceramic shot glasses shaped like .50 caliber shell casings and coated in a gold gloss finish.
VinOice - Wine Chiller and Drip-Free Pourer
Contains two vintage, wide-bottomed Champagne coupe glasses that are identical to the ones seen throughout the classic 1942 Humphrey Bogart flick, Casablanca.
VinOice - Wine Chiller and Drip-Free Pourer
After an evening of sipping wine from a Moose Mug Wine Glass, cap off the rest of the bottle for another night with this matching Moose Mug Wine Bottle Stopper.
VinOice - Wine Chiller and Drip-Free Pourer
This giant 50 caliber bullet-shaped shot glass is made from solid, crystal clear borosilicate glass and rests upright in a matching bullet chamber stand.
VinOice - Wine Chiller and Drip-Free Pourer
Transform a can of beer into a full blown hinged-lid German beer stein and drink like it's Oktoberfest all year long.
VinOice - Wine Chiller and Drip-Free Pourer
When you need the absolute most hardcore and heavy duty tool to remove a pesky bottle cap from a bottle of beer, look not further than tearing it off with this cool new Railroad Spike Bottle Opener.

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