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Assassin's Teapot

Assassin's Teapot

Assassin's Teapot


This cool new yet quite ancient-inspired Assassin's Teapot AKA LiangXin (Two Cores) Teapot is a legendary ceramic Chinese teapot that can pour two different drinks separately, both drinks mixed together at the same time, or none at all just by placing fingers over certain holes. While it was likely meant to be a fun magical sort of teapot for tricks and pranks, rumor has it that it was also used for assassinating enemies with poison. To make it work, you pour Drink A in through the bottom hole and Drink B in through the top hole. Then if you place a finger over the top hole, it only pours out Drink A and if you place a finger over the bottom hole, it only pours out Drink B. Now if you cover neither of the holes, it pours both drinks out together and if you cover both holes, it won't pour out anything at all. It's perfect for magic tricks, party tricks, pouring tea and milk and other interesting drink combinations, and it definitely makes a unique gift, but don't give one to your enemies!!! Check out this VIDEO to see a similar Assassin's teapot in action.

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