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Life-Sized Haunted Forest Tree Root Statue

Life-Sized Haunted Forest Tree Root Statue

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This Halloween, nestle this cool new Haunted Forest Figure in with the trees around your home to ensure some frightful double-takes from trick-or-treaters, welcomed visitors, unwanted snooping neighbors and trespassers, and general passersby. This haunting life-sized figure has a gnarled body made of realistic-looking tree roots, arms that look like spooky tree branches, and the creepy head of a woman with closed eyes that you pray never open. While it may look like some sinister tree from a haunted forest has come to life, it's actually crafted from 100% durable resin with a natural looking, mossy brown finish that can be placed indoors or outdoors. It's perfect for displaying on Halloween, terrifying people out in the woods or off a hiking trail, or pranking victims indoors by placing it in random unexpected places for them to find.

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Life-Sized Haunted Forest Tree Root Statue
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Life-Sized Haunted Forest Tree Root Statue
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Life-Sized Haunted Forest Tree Root Statue
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Life-Sized Haunted Forest Tree Root Statue
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Life-Sized Haunted Forest Tree Root Statue
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Life-Sized Haunted Forest Tree Root Statue
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Life-Sized Haunted Forest Tree Root Statue
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Life-Sized Haunted Forest Tree Root Statue
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Life-Sized Haunted Forest Tree Root Statue
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