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Animated Haunted Floating Candelabra

Animated Haunted Floating Candelabra

Animated Haunted Floating Candelabra


If you wish your current boring house was a bit more exciting like a haunted house, then illuminate it with this cool new yet quite gothic-inspired Animated Floating Candelabra from Grandin Road. This spooky haunted candelabra stands over 5 feet tall and seems to float across the floor all around the room, as if being moved by an unseen malevolent presence, when it detects sounds in the room. Kind of like a robot floor vacuum, its base rolls the candelabra slowly around until it bumps into an object and then turns and goes another way. The faux taper candles even light up when activated. Perfect for Halloween decor and parties, evil pranks, driving your scaredy cat nuts, and scaring off burglars when you're away. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

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