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4 Eyes Victor Lifesize Halloween Statue

4 Eyes Victor Lifesize Halloween Statue

4 Eyes Victor Lifesize Halloween Statue

The cool new Victor Halloween Prop is a literal double take inducing lifesize statue of a terrifying mad doctor or some sort well-dressed butcher in rubber boots, apron, and gloves with four impossible to focus on evil eyes. This malevolent figure stands over 6 foot tall with a highly realistic silicone head with hand-punched human hair on both his head and beard stubble and hand-painted acrylic eyes and teeth. This probably very friendly fella is the perfect decorative touch to frighten up your Halloween decor, make your home theater or living room very uncomfortable to be in alone, scare away any burglars who happen to come across it, terrify all the neighbors when placed looking out the window, or maybe you're just have a death wish and a healthy love of super cool monster statues. Good luck!

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