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Inflatable Halloween Haunted House

Inflatable Halloween Haunted House

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I love all of these massive decorative inflatables coming out for all the holidays lately. There's simply nothing more satisfying than getting a chance to annoy your neighbors with a little overblown decorative spirit. So, in addition to hanging those orange and purple lights all over your house, stringing spider webs on the front bushes, and placing Lifesized Wrapped Mummies next to your front door, you can now also take up your entire front lawn with this incredibly cool new Inflatable Halloween Haunted House!

This massive inflatable neighborhood monstrosity measures in at whopping 17 feet in length and over 12 feet tall! Just plug it in and small but powerful blowers self-inflate this spooky haunted castle right before your eyes. Once inflated, trick-or-treaters can make their way through the house starting with an entrance guarded by evil inflatable gargoyles. On the inside they are greeted by hanging spiders and bats, glowing eyes, spooky ghosts, motion sensitive synchronized strobe lights, and creepy sound effects and music.

Check out the video below to see this crazy Inflatable Halloween Haunted House literally rise from the dead and take over a yard.

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