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Life-Size Wrapped Mummy Statues

Life-Size Wrapped Mummy Statues

Life-Size Wrapped Mummy Statues

Check out these really freaky cool Life-Size Wrapped Mummy Statues. While these mummies may look like they're made from real ancient Egyptian bodies wrapped up in bandages, they're actually crafted from sturdy foam, metal, and wood and then tightly wrapped with real fabric from head to toe. Besides making great Halloween decorations to scare the trick-or-treaters, I'm thinking you could also have a little fun with them as well. You could hide a mummy in the shower where it will wait silently until morning, place one under the bed covers for a terrifying surprise, put a bunch of them along your neighbor's fence looking over, hide one behind the drywall in your home for future remodelers to discover, or just strap it to the roof of your car.... the possibilities for good old-fashioned evil fun are truly endless. This cool new yet quite ancient undead pyramid dweller is available in either 5 or 6 foot versions and a curse is included at no extra charge.

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