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Gigantic 8 Foot Illuminated Stack of Skulls

Gigantic 8 Foot Illuminated Stack of Skulls

Gigantic 8 Foot Illuminated Stack of Skulls

Do you know what goes well with a Gigantic 8 Foot Illuminated Stack of Jack O' Lanterns? Obviously, it would have to be this cool new Gigantic 8 Foot Illuminated Stack of Skulls 💀 of course! These five giant illuminated skulls stand 8 feet tall when fully stacked, can be set up separately as well, and are sure to make a terrifying impression on all who behold them on Halloween night. These sinister skull towers can be placed inside or out, have bright built-in LEDs that make them glow a fiery red, a durable inner metal framework for stability when stacked, and all five skulls nest inside one another for compact, off-season storage. Check out the video below to see it in action... if you dare! 😱

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  • Make a haunting scene with this eerie Giant 8 Ft Skull Stack
  • Durable skulls can be stacked on top of one another or set up separately for the perfect spooky scene
  • Five stackable skulls integrate LEDs for a creepy glow
  • Individual skulls allow both stacked and unstacked configurations for versatile decorating options
  • Built-in LEDs make the skull faces cast a spooky and sinister glow
  • Nesting skulls are designed for indoor and outdoor locations
  • Durable inner metal framework holds up the stacked skulls for a stable outdoor setup
  • Skulls nest inside each other for compact post-season storage
  • Size: 96" H x 22" W x 24" D

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