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Gigantic Retro Monster Cereals 3D Masks / Wall Decor

Gigantic Retro Monster Cereals 3D Masks / Wall Decor

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Remember those cheap plastic Halloween masks from the 60's, 70's, and 80's found in five and dime stores (like the dollar stores today before inflation) that were held on your face with a rubber band around your head that your friends would keep snapping until it broke and you ran home crying? Well, now you can be nostalgic about the good old days of trick-or-treating, before the modern dark ages of boring trunk-or-treating, and show off your love of Monster Cereals too with these cool new General Mills Vac-Tastic Plastic Masks from Retro-a-go-go. Inspired by vintage plastic Halloween masks, these gigantic 19" tall versions of Boo-Berry, Franken Berry, and Count Chocula are designed for proudly displaying on your wall or they can even be left in the packaging, which is an oversized box of a classic General Mills Monster Cereal. Like all good retro cereals, there's also a free prize in the box... an adult-sized Boo-Berry, Franken Berry, or Count Chocula plastic cereal spoon!

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A gigantic inflatable Thanksgiving turkey Halloween costume that includes a festive Santa hat so you can cause total mass confusion at your next holiday party, whichever holiday it might be.
Giant Glowing Gummy Skull
This creepy and massive chewy gummy cranium weighs over five pounds and arrives inside a unique package that includes a slot underneath where you can place a flashlight to make it glow.
Black Chain Garland
While there still is no traditional spooky dead tree in one's living room to symbolize the spirit of Halloween, you can still hang seasonally appropriate decorative garland like this cool new Black Chain Garland from your fireplace mantel, down the bannister, or just wrap it around the tombstones of your former loved ones.
Scary Skull Incense Burner
No matter whether you're clearing out the stench of death from an old haunted house you've inherited, cleansing your own home of negative energies... possibly demonic, engaging in ceremonial witchcraft rituals and performing dark spells with friends and fiends alike, or just adding a bit of pleasant aromatherapy scent to the corpse preparation room down in the basement of a funeral parlor, then check out this cool new Scary Skull Incense Burner from PATCH NYC
Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees Knit Sweater
This ugly Halloween sweater is made from 100% acrylic yarn and is adorned with a bloody hockey mask with a machete stabbed through the eye. It's quite festive.
Disappearing Ghost Figure Illusion
Creates a haunted illusion of an eerie apparition seemingly sitting in a chair despite having no earthly body.
Cobwebs In A Can
This Halloween, now you can quickly decorate with realistic spider webs simply by spraying them from this can of aerosol webbing!
Massive Skull and Bones Catacomb Archway
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Pumpking and Bat Guy Halloween Costume Suits
Whether it's Halloween or you'll be attending a comic convention, hosting a late night horror moviethon, raving it up at a goth club, grabbing attention at company meetings, or just want to be THAT guy walking the streets, dress up in terrifyingly good style with either the cool new Pumpking Suit or the Bat Guy Suit from OppoSuits.

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Gigantic Retro Monster Cereals 3D Masks / Wall Decor
A circular, wall-mounted, 10-bottle wine rack that's surrounded by a cork catcher cage that can hold up to 1,000 corks from your most memorable bottles.
Gigantic Retro Monster Cereals 3D Masks / Wall Decor
A print of a Titan III C rocket launch from the National Archives that actually illuminates the engine blast using LED lighting.
Gigantic Retro Monster Cereals 3D Masks / Wall Decor
Captures the fleeting childhood magic of balloons in a simple wall lamp.
Gigantic Retro Monster Cereals 3D Masks / Wall Decor
These double-take inducing, wall-mounted sculptures create the illusion that tiny figures are either rock climbing up your walls or repelling down with leather ropes.
Gigantic Retro Monster Cereals 3D Masks / Wall Decor
Liven up a wall with this gigantic, high-resolution vinyl wall graphic depicting the terrifying AT-AT AKA Imperial Walker AKA All Terrain Armored Transport from the Empire Strikes Back.
Gigantic Retro Monster Cereals 3D Masks / Wall Decor
This massive digital wall clock uses super bright red LEDs to illuminate huge 15 inch tall numbers that can be seen from hundreds of feet away.
Gigantic Retro Monster Cereals 3D Masks / Wall Decor
This modernist, nostalgic pop culture wall decor showcases a historical timeline of ancient Nintendo video game controllers all arranged in chronological order behind glass: Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, N64, GameCube, and the Wii.
Gigantic Retro Monster Cereals 3D Masks / Wall Decor
One of the more haunting scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark is when Indiana Jones pulls out an old double-clasped, embossed leather Dutch Bible to show the government officials an illustrated depiction of what the Ark of the Covenant might look like. Now you can have your very own print.
Gigantic Retro Monster Cereals 3D Masks / Wall Decor
Instead of hour and minute hands, this mechanical wall clock simply points to the time printed in numerals on a constantly revolving industrial gear instead.

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