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Spooky Real Bat Specimen Suspended in Resin

Spooky Real Bat Specimen Suspended in Resin

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This cool new yet quite preserved Bat Specimen is a real bat that has been forever frozen in Carbonite, er, suspended in clear resin and is perfect for displaying on Halloween instead of a boring faux bat, studying up close in the classroom, showing off as an interesting / spooky curiosity on your desk or bookshelf, or just gifting to a taxidermist, veterinarian, chiropterology expert, or someone with chiroptophobia (a fear of bats) as a mischievous prank. I'm not sure what species of bat this one actually is, but it's around 5 inches long and is definitely not going to be able to turn back into a bloodthirsty vampire anytime soon. Also, did you know that bats are actually the only flying mammal that can sustain true flight, are more closely related to primates than rodents, and target and eat well over 1,000 mosquitoes per hour in total darkness using echolocation? If not, check out this fascinating article with more Amazing Bat Facts to learn ever more! 🦇

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Spooky Real Bat Specimen Suspended in Resin
It's certainly not for everyone, but if you love eggs, have a backyard, some space, and understanding neighbors, you might be interested in raising a few of your very own backyard chickens with this cool new Home Chicken Coop!
Spooky Real Bat Specimen Suspended in Resin
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Spooky Real Bat Specimen Suspended in Resin
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Spooky Real Bat Specimen Suspended in Resin
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Spooky Real Bat Specimen Suspended in Resin
Boost your garden's productivity by providing a happy home for peaceful, non-stinging Mason bees. Slightly smaller than honeybees, Mason bees are incredible pollinators.
Spooky Real Bat Specimen Suspended in Resin
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Spooky Real Bat Specimen Suspended in Resin
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Spooky Real Bat Specimen Suspended in Resin
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Spooky Real Bat Specimen Suspended in Resin
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