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Snap Lock Chicken Coop

Snap Lock Chicken Coop

Snap Lock Chicken Coop

If you've always wanted to raise backyard chickens for free fresh eggs every morning, to control insect pests, help fertilize the garden, and/or to just have a unique fun pet that you will never be able to catch (great exercise though), then check out this cool new Snap Lock Chicken Coop. No tools are needed to quickly snap this durable, maintenance-free chicken coop together. This upscale outdoor chicken coop features spacious, well-ventilated accommodations inside for up to 12 average sized chickens and has 4 nesting spots with dividers, 3 roosts, a removable litter tray, latched access points, and easy access for egg collection and cleaning.

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  • Recommended for use with 4-6 Large Chickens or 6-12 Bantams on average
  • Can vary with the size of your yard or an external run space
  • 4 nesting spots with removable dividers - three 36" roosts
  • All access points have latches that lock
  • One vent on each side with removable litter trays for easy cleaning
  • Maintenance Free - Removable litter tray, large adjustable ventilation, easy access for egg collection.
  • Water and chemical resistant, impact and ultraviolet resistant
  • Easy Assembly - No tools required – just snap together
  • Chicken Capacity: 12
  • Weather Resistant: Yes
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • MADE IN USA - Built in the United States
  • Size: 42" H x 64" W x 39" D

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