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Lensball - Photography Sphere / Crystal Ball

Lensball - Photography Sphere / Crystal Ball

Lensball - Photography Sphere / Crystal Ball

This cool new Original Lensball is an ultra clear photography sphere / crystal ball that adds a bit of dimensional creativity to your photographs. Crafted from K9 crystal, which has extremely high light transmittance and light-refracting characteristics, this unique ball can be used while taking photos from any camera (smartphone to professional) to create stunning visual effects and capture 180 degree views. On a side note, it also acts like a super effective magnifying glass that can burn and start fires from bright sunlight, so it also includes a handy microfiber pouch / cleaning cloth to keep it safe in when not in use. Hmm, it also might work as a fortune telling crystal ball, but you obviously need advanced clairvoyant abilities first. Available in either 60mm or 80mm sizes and makes a cool gift for any photographer, amateur or professional.

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  • A gorgeous made out of high-grade optical crystal that allows anyone to dive into endless creative photography possibilities
  • Achieve higher levels of creativity in your photos
  • Capture 180-degree views of your surroundings, right in the palm of your hand
  • K9 Crystal: Has extremely high light transmittance and light-refracting characteristics
  • Ultra Clear: Polished and hardened, for a perfect and scratch-free surface
  • 100% scratch and bubble free
  • Stunning yet incredibly simple to use and suited for every photographer, amateur or professional
  • Makes it extremely easy to discover totally new perspectives and ways to express your creativity
  • It not only works with professional cameras, but is also suited for any smartphone camera
  • Microfiber carrying pouch (can also be used to clean from fingerprints)
  • Lensball sticker
  • 4 showcase cards
  • Size: 60 mm or 80 mm

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