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FITT360 - Neckband 360 Degree Camera

FITT360 - Neckband 360 Degree Camera

FITT360 - Neckband 360 Degree Camera

If you thought the world was cool just by what you can see in front of you, then prepare to enjoy it all around you when you record it on this cool new FITT360. This innovative and unobtrusive neckband has three cameras that record 360 degrees all around you for a true first person point of view. Just press record and it automatically stitches the video from the three cameras into a 360 degree experience. It features live-streaming capabilities for YouTube, Facebook, and more, has a 70 minute recording time, is waterproof, and has 64GB of internal storage (128GB max external). It's perfect for recording and re-living all your greatest adventures and experiences out in the real world, recording tours, theme park rides, and walkthroughs, or just having eyes in the back of your head to see who stabbed you in the back. So many possibilities.

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  • FITT360 - The First Neckband 360 Degree Camera
  • Hands-free device provides a whole new way to tell your story in 360° true first-person-view (FPV)
  • Designed to capture your vivid 360° world effortlessly
  • Uses three FHD cameras that automatically stitches and saves into a 360 degree format
  • Designed to be unobtrusive and weighs only 240g
  • Wearable throughout your daily life without any sense of displacement or awkwardness
  • Up to 70 minutes of recording time
  • Simply press record and focus on your never-again moments and the experience itself
  • Rewinding your world and discovering what you might have missed is now possible
  • Live Streaming: Share your vision in real-time or preview what you have captured and share it with the world via social networks or YouTube
  • Companion mobile application
  • 64GB of internal memory and users can also add up to 128GB of external storage
  • USB-C Charging & Data Transfer
  • Connectivity via Bluetook & Wireless LAN
  • Can be adjusted with the three neck adjustors provided (small, medium, large)
  • Stitching Mode Resolution: Up to 11.5MP (4800 x 2400)
  • Single Camera Mode Resolution: Up to 5.7MP (2400 x 2400)
  • IPX4 Water Resistance

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