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WEMO Wearable Memo Pad Slap Bracelet

WEMO Wearable Memo Pad Slap Bracelet

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This cool new WEMO Memo is an analog wearable notepad / slap bracelet for your wrist that allows one to quickly write down notes, ideas, lists, epiphanies, instructions, doodles, reminders, test answers, your name and personal data (in case you forget), or anything else you can think of. This portable silicone memo pad easily slaps around your wrist like a bracelet and can be written on with any oil-based pen and then be erased with ease. It comes in different colors that feature different backgrounds for various scenarios: blue has lines, beige has rulers and grid dots, green has white grid dots, and white is plain with a ruler along one side. Much quicker and easier to look down at your wrist than fumbling around with a phone app, writing on your hand, or locating a piece of paper that was folded up in your pocket and now probably lost in the parking lot somewhere.

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WEMO Wearable Memo Pad Slap Bracelet
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WEMO Wearable Memo Pad Slap Bracelet
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WEMO Wearable Memo Pad Slap Bracelet
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WEMO Wearable Memo Pad Slap Bracelet
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WEMO Wearable Memo Pad Slap Bracelet
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WEMO Wearable Memo Pad Slap Bracelet
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WEMO Wearable Memo Pad Slap Bracelet
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WEMO Wearable Memo Pad Slap Bracelet
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WEMO Wearable Memo Pad Slap Bracelet
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