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Wallet Pen - Ultra Tiny Sterling Silver Pen

Wallet Pen - Ultra Tiny Sterling Silver Pen

Wallet Pen - Ultra Tiny Sterling Silver Pen

This cool new Original Wallet Pen designed by renowned jeweler Timothy Grannis is an ultra tiny pen that is handcrafted from sterling silver and covertly clips into the empty space in the fold of every wallet without adding any bulk. So if you still carry a wallet, now you'll always have a handy little pen ready to jot down a note, phone number, memo, reminder, inspiration, autograph, directions, or important napkin doodle while you're bored somewhere because you left your smartphone at home. It's designed to last a lifetime and then be passed onto the next... assuming miniature writing instruments still exist in the far future.

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  • Designed by renowned jeweler Timothy Grannis
  • The Wallet Pen is not just a pen – it is a handcrafted sterling silver writing instrument
  • Its small diameter enables it to fit in the fold of your wallet without stretching or adding bulk to your wallet
  • Strong sterling silver clip holds the pen rigidly in place until you need it
  • Stylish and sleek with a beautifully balance design with no complicated parts to break
  • Additional ink refills available
  • So well made that it has a lifetime warranty and can be passed on to the next generation
  • 3" L x 1/4" W

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