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SeniTurn - Wearable Safety Indicator Lights For Your Hands

SeniTurn - Wearable Safety Indicator Lights For Your Hands

SeniTurn - Wearable Safety Indicator Lights For Your Hands

Since the entire planet has been zombified to stare at phones all day while shuffling around outside or while driving, it's probably best for cyclists to try and remain as visible as possible to these dangerous wandering obstacles, especially at night or when there is low visibility. One clever solution is to wear these cool new SeniTurn Indicators. These innovative wearable safety indicator lights strap to the back of your hands and automatically flash like a blinker when signaling a turn and can also be set in hazard light mode for low visibility situations or an SOS warning light mode to flag down help if needed. When not biking, they're also great for runners, walkers, trick-or-treaters, or just gaining an edge while trying to hail a cab.

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  • An indicator light, like on a car, but on your hands
  • Automatic flashing when turning
  • Hazard lights in traffic or at an accident site
  • SOS signal in dangerous situations
  • Keep yourself safe when out for a bike ride
  • Simple light system securely and unobtrusively straps to the back of your hand
  • When you put your hand out to let others know that you’re turning, the indicator automatically starts flashing
  • Swap between indicator mode, hazard light for low visibility situations, and SOS warning light, to flag down help if you need it
  • Make cycling safe again
  • Automatically starts flashing when you put your hand up
  • Comfortably attaches and adjusts to fit the way you want it to
  • Built-in SOS warning light and hazard lights
  • Includes 2 units (that’s one light for each hand)
  • Water-resistant
  • Solid German engineering

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