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Realistic Food Bowties

Realistic Food Bowties

Realistic Food Bowties


Who says all bowties have to be formal and fashionably dull? Why can't a proper gentleman step into a fancy gala event wearing a bowtie that looks like a stylish little taco? If you agree, then check out these cool new Food Bowties from designer rommydebommy in the Netherlands. These fun yet quite realistic food-inspired bowties are handmade from lightweight foam and thankfully clip on, because tying a fabric bowtie is hard enough. Available in bacon, taco, hot dog, farfalle pasta, sour candy, corn on the cob, cheese, cookies, dog biscuit, sushi, candy, waffle, marshmallow, spaghetti, apple core, baguette sandwich, and hopefully even more to come. Check out this VIDEO to see these tasty bowties out on the scene.

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