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Canvas Painting From a Photograph

Canvas Painting From a Photograph

Canvas Painting From a Photograph

This cool new Canvas Painting From a Photograph kit allows you to simply send in or upload a photograph of your choice to be transformed into a "hand-painted" look and feel oil painting on canvas. How cool would it be to have an epic portrait of yourself hanging over the fireplace that will haunt your home for generations to come. A portrait of yourself hanging in the bathroom is fun too!

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  • Either mail traditional prints or email digital pictures
  • look of brushstrokes, sweeps, and daubs of a real portrait
  • Black and white pictures can be converted to color
  • Color pictures to black and white
  • Please send negatives or duplicates for irreplaceable keepsake photographs
  • art house crops the photograph, enhances color and cleans the print to remove dust and scratches

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