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Reflective Full Face Visor / Privacy Shield

Reflective Full Face Visor / Privacy Shield

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Welcome to the 21st century. A disturbing age of zero privacy and in your face cameras on everything from obnoxious smartphones, surveillance cams wherever they can fit, spy cams wherever they can be hidden, drone cams watching down from the sky, cameras on every computer, cameras all over vehicles, cameras on the stoplights, facial recognition everywhere, and people just looking at you and remembering in their minds. Heck, there's even people out there holding actual cameras hounding real celebrities, people who think they're celebrities, and typical attention-seekers obsessively seek fame. When that sheer amount of worthless footage isn't enough... let's fill in the gap with the nonstop selfie snapping insanity to truly feed the self-absorbed narcissism monster.

Whew... do you need a break from the endless spotlight? Slip down this cool new Paparazzi Thwarting Reflective Visor and let everyone take photos and videos of a reflective shield instead of your face while you enjoy that rare feeling of peaceful anonymity. It even has 50+ sun protection blocking 99% of the sun's harmful rays and retina-searing camera flashes, yet does not impair your vision. Sure you may look like a futuristic robot, a paranoid hypochondriac in a health scare, or just someone not satisfied with the shade coverage from their current giant bug-eyes sunglasses, but nobody knows if it's even you! I think the next fashion trend is going to be about privacy - masks, invisibility cloaks, bags over the head, whatever it takes. ๐Ÿคจ

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Petcube Play - Interactive HD Pet Video Camera With Built-in Laser Toy
This interactive HD pet video camera lets you watch and chat with your cat or dog in realtime from anywhere in the world right on your smartphone, plus it has a built-in controllable laser dot toy too.
Go Pro Digital Hero 3 - Waterproof Wrist Camera
The Digital Hero Camera 3 from GoPro is tough enough for bike rides, river running, sport climbing and so many other great outdoor sports. The 3 megapixel optics provide good detail for movies and clear print-quality photos and the waterproof, shockproof case can straps securely to your wrist or equipment so you can cover all the angles you need.
Digital Photo to CD Recorder
This is the compact recorder that effortlessly copies photographs from your digital cameras memory card directly onto a CD for playback on a DVD player without using a dedicated computer.
Sony Digital Recording 3D Binoculars
These high-tech binoculars let you view and record distant things in high-definition 3D with SteadyShot image stabilization and zooming from 0.8X to 12X optical to 25x digital.
Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon - Dual Direction Action Camera
A tiny dual-lens action camera that can capture video in two directions simultaneously. Cool for biking, kayaking, snowboarding, surfing, or even just walking the dog.
Star Wars Chewbacca Bandolier Camera Strap
Just like Chewbacca's only clothing, this fun officially-licensed Star Wars camera strap is styled like his famous bandolier.
Motion Tracking Web Camera
This web camera automatically tracks motion and can be controlled from a remote location via the Internet, allowing real-time surveillance of your home from anywhere in the world.
Massive 10 Foot Long Selfie Stick
Take your selfies to a whole new level, literally, when you snap a pic high atop this cool new 10 Foot Long Panoramic Selfie Stick.
PhotoTrackr Pro - Geotag Your Photos
A small device that you keep with you at all times while traveling and it keeps track of everywhere you go and when by storing time-stamps and GPS coordinates. After a trip, load up the plotting software and this device matches the photo's timestamps taken from your digital camera with the timestamps from the PhotoTrackr Pro. Using the GPS coordinates of latitude and longitude, it is able to plot out exactly where and when you took each picture using the cool mapping software Google Earth.

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Reflective Full Face Visor / Privacy Shield
These hardcore winter caps are made from extra manly 100% acrylic yarn and combine a horned Viking-inspired helmet cap with a mighty soft-whiskered beard. Perfect for tailgating, snowboarding or just keeping warm for the brutal trip in between the car and the mall.
Reflective Full Face Visor / Privacy Shield
This fur felt fedora is faithfully styled after the wide-brimmed hat worn by Dr. Henry Indiana Jones, Jr., famed archeologist and adventurer from the Indiana Jones trilogy.
Reflective Full Face Visor / Privacy Shield
Let your furry feline friend join in at birthday parties or maybe even their own... if you like to throw birthday parties for cats.
Reflective Full Face Visor / Privacy Shield
This handmade hanging planter transforms a boring air plant into a dapper bearded fellow wearing a formal top hat and monocle.
Reflective Full Face Visor / Privacy Shield
Made in Italy of natural, environmentally friendly yarn, this cozy cap features a blend of fine merino wool and bamboo fibers.
Reflective Full Face Visor / Privacy Shield
This high-tech knit hat has built-in wireless Bluetooth headphones for listening to music and a built-in microphone with echo cancellation and noise suppression for making and receiving crystal clear hands free calls - no annoying dangling cords necessary.
Reflective Full Face Visor / Privacy Shield
This holiday season, top off your Christmas tree in a stylish and dapper way with this cool new Top Hat Christmas Tree Topper.
Reflective Full Face Visor / Privacy Shield
A large, hands-free umbrella that you wear on your head to protect your head, neck, and shoulders from the sun and rain.
Reflective Full Face Visor / Privacy Shield
Nothing says cool better than a rugged Cowboy Hat with a genuine bullet hole in it. With this hat, you can stroll into your local saloon at High Noon or get in on the action in a game of Texas Hold 'Em and be the only one they fear. Six-Shooters sold separately!

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