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Spy Kite With Digital Camera

Spy Kite With Digital Camera

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When I was a little kid I always wanted to try attaching a camera to a kite and setting the timer to take photos once it got high in the air. Unfortunately, unless you were James Bond, most cameras were way too big and heavy back in the day. It's the 21st century now and digital cameras are finally small and light enough to take up high into the sky with the cool new Spy Kite!

The innovative Spy Kite lets you take your very own aerial reconnaissance spy photos without help from the military. Just secure the tiny digital camera to the underside of this delta wing kite and fly it up to around 80 feet. When you've positioned the seemingly normal kite over your target, click the button on the string handle to wirelessly snap a picture. It can be set to take a pictures at 15-, 30-, 60-, or 90-second intervals and it can store up to 25 pictures at 640 x 480 resolution. After your flight, reel the kite in and attach the camera to your PC via USB to download all your classified sneaky spy shots.

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