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Tamaggo ibi 360 - One Click Panoramic Camera

Tamaggo ibi 360 - One Click Panoramic Camera

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Want to take incredible 360° panoramic HD videos and photos with just a single click of the button instead of endlessly framing, rotating, and stitching regular images together? Then check out the cool new ibi 360 Panoramic Camera. This innovative egg-shaped camera uses a 14 MP sensor and a 360° x 200° field of view to capture everything all at once and allows you to view the interactive 360 degree footage on most mainstream devices or the free app. It features 8GB memory, an LCD touch screen, a kickstand, and easy sharing through social media. It's compact, wireless, and lightweight enough to easily record everything from sports and vacation spots to people gathered around a table telling stories to being chased through the woods by a machete-wielding monster to idiotic selfies and the much more interesting world around them to anything you can think of that really needs to be seen in glorious 360°. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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Tamaggo ibi 360 - One Click Panoramic Camera
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Tamaggo ibi 360 - One Click Panoramic Camera
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Tamaggo ibi 360 - One Click Panoramic Camera
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Tamaggo ibi 360 - One Click Panoramic Camera
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Tamaggo ibi 360 - One Click Panoramic Camera
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Tamaggo ibi 360 - One Click Panoramic Camera
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Tamaggo ibi 360 - One Click Panoramic Camera
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Tamaggo ibi 360 - One Click Panoramic Camera
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Tamaggo ibi 360 - One Click Panoramic Camera
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