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Sportscope Cubicle Periscope

Sportscope Cubicle Periscope

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Slacking off at work again? Trying to avoid the boss? Not sure who's stealing your lunch from the kitchen fridge? The Sportscope Cubicle Periscope ought to do the trick. Just like a submarine captain and his trusty periscope, you too can see just above the surface (of the cube farm, for example) to discover what dangers lurk in the distance. This unique periscope is made up of high-quality aluminum alloy, fine glass prisms and highly polished glass lenses. The periscope height is adjustable, the eyepiece can be turned to focus, it has 5x zoom and it stows away nicely in an included carrying bag. Of course, you could just peek over the partition, but that's just not as fun. Also great for sporting events or just trying to observe above the heads in any crowd.

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