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Angled Reading Glasses

Angled Reading Glasses

Angled Reading Glasses

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If you like to read in bed and find it really difficult to get in a comfortable position that doesn't strain your neck, then check out these cool new Angled Reading Glasses. These innovative glasses bend your vision 90° using two optical-quality glass prisms, so you can lie flat on your back, with your head resting comfortably on the pillow while you read, watch television or even work on your laptop. Great solution for recumbent lounging indoors or out and if you fall asleep while reading, you'll wake up in a normal, well-rested and less painful position.


  • Read while lying supine in bed
  • Eliminates the need to crane your neck
  • 2 optical-quality glass prisms that bend your vision 90°
  • Perfect for lounging outdoors on a hammock, chaise, or on the beach
  • Great for reading, watching tv or working on a laptop in a recumbent position
  • Brown frames - 1 oz

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