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Sence - Rare European Rose Nectar

Sence - Rare European Rose Nectar

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This Valentine's Day or any day, serve your sweetheart the very essence of a rose with a rare and indulgent treat called Sence - Rare European Rose Nectar. This unique, refreshing and rejuvenating beverage is made with the aromatic and flavorful extract of the Kazanlak Rose, the Crown Jewel of Bulgaria. These roses have been cultivated in the Kazanlak Valley in central Bulgaria since 1256 A.D. and Leonardo Da Vinci was known to have drank Kazanlak tea and nectar regularly. To make this cool elixir, the blossoms are picked between the hours of 3 a.m. to 10 a.m., when the dew levels are at their highest point, and then converted into a concentrate within two hours of harvesting. The end result is an organically produced, uncarbonated, caffeine-free drink that is high in Vitamin C and can be consumed straight up or as an exotic mixer in champagne, cocktails, juice and more. A luxurious and enticingly delicious gift.

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