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Red Licorice Twist Reusable Silicone Straws

Red Licorice Twist Reusable Silicone Straws

Red Licorice Twist Reusable Silicone Straws

Now that disposable plastic straws are finally being proverbially put out to pasture (hopefully not in a landfill or floating around in the ocean), paper straws and reusable straws are now the cool new Earth-friendly alternatives for sipping beverages and these cool new Cherry Red Straws from Barbuzzo make it really fun. When you were a kid, did you ever use a certain red twist of licorice as a straw? Well, now you relive that excitement without all the calories using this set of four reusable 100% silicone straws that look exactly like red licorice twists. They're soft, flexible, BPA-free, suitable for beverages and ages of all kinds, and even include 2 cleaning brushes. Unlike reusable metal straws, these are soft enough to lightly bite down on without shattering your teeth and give no unusual aftertaste. Now as tempting as it may be... DON'T EAT THE STRAW!

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  • Set of 4 reusable silicone straws that look like licorice
  • Two cleaning brushes
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA Free
  • Non-toxic, bendy, soft to bite down on, heat-resistant, and perfect for all ages

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