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Titanium Kung Foon - Spork and Chopsticks All-In-One

Titanium Kung Foon - Spork and Chopsticks All-In-One

The cool new Titanium Kung Foon is a stylish and versatile utensil that fuses an ultralight titanium spork with removable rosewood chopsticks that act as a handle when not in use. Whether you're out adventuring in the wild or just trapped at home or in the office, most dining options will be accessible as long as you don't require a knife.


  • Ultralight titanium spork with rosewood chopsticks
  • Chopsticks slide into foon handle to create a long handled utensil perfect for scooping, scraping or stirring rehydrated pouch meals or narrow pots
  • Barbed foon tines bite tenaciously into food
  • Deep foon bowl maintains full spoon functionality for soups or cereals
  • Sold in steel gift tin to carry and store Kung Foon

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