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Man Fork - Take Bigger Bites With 6 Tines

Man Fork - Take Bigger Bites With 6 Tines

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Wish you could shovel more food into your mouth than some typical 4 tined fork can handle? Wish you could twirl more spaghetti onto a fork than can be possibly imagined? Wish you could tame wild, difficult to handle foods like rice, beans, peas, and more like a champion? Wish you could break all the rules on proper dining etiquette? Is a pitchfork just way too big to dine with? Then reach into the silverware drawer and pull forth this cool new Man Fork. Ordinary forks make meals take way longer than they should, so upgrade to this wider, stainless steel 6 tined fork and take bigger bites, finish dining faster, and get on with your life. It's also great for pranks and makes a fun gift.

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Head Chefs - Kid's Silverware
Fun utensils that have little silicone bodies with bendable arms and legs, suction cup feet for standing upright and stainless steel forks and spoons for heads!
Thrifty Old Time Cylindrical Ice Cream Scooper
Unlike most ice cream scoopers that scoop a boring ball of ice cream, this retro one scoops a flat cylindrical puck of ice cream that is much easier to stack.
Souper Spoon
This heroic utensil has a fully-poseable action figure body and a stainless steel spoon for a head.
Buona Pasta Server with Silicone Spaghetti Handle
Classic beechwood pasta server with a twist!
Natural Peanut Butter Hand Mixer
This innovative new device easily stirs non-hydrogenated natural peanut butter in its original container without splashing any oil.
Zayka Ceramic Chef's Knife and Peeler Set
This ultrasharp ceramic knife and vegetable peeler is harder than steel, almost never needs to be sharpened and will not stain, rust, or affect the taste of food!
Sakura Leaf Tea Spoon
A literal teaspoon made from Japanese cherry tree bark that is shaped like a rustic leaf for scooping out an ideal portion of loose leaf tea and then doubling as a spoon rest after the tea has steeped.
Cuisipro Peanut Butter and Jelly Spreader
Use this all-in-one tool to scoop and spread peanut butter and jelly. Eliminates the risk of peanut butter and jelly mixing in jars. Silicone ends allow for easy spreading. Can also be used for butter, cream cheese, mayonnaise and mustard.
Bamboo Chopsticks + Fork All-in-One
This handy reusable utensil lets you practice using chopsticks while dining and, when you run into trouble, can be easily flipped around to use the built-in fork on the other side.

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Man Fork - Take Bigger Bites With 6 Tines
If you love making stuffed peppers, just insert this handy tool into a bell pepper, twist and pull out its seeds and core in no time at all!
Man Fork - Take Bigger Bites With 6 Tines
Yep, a pizza cutter with a frickin' laser beam above the cutting wheel that shows the angle of your slice.
Man Fork - Take Bigger Bites With 6 Tines
This razor sharp Japanese steak knife folds away into itself like a pocketknife and stores away inside a leather sheath to compactly store away in your pocket or purse.
Man Fork - Take Bigger Bites With 6 Tines
Now you can have all the sheer excitement and certain danger of a circus knife throwing act right in your very own kitchen. This unique knife block comes with 5 stainless steel razor sharp professional chef knives that are stored around the body of an assistant and held securely in place by magnets in each individual protective knife sheath. Best of all, it actually spins!
Man Fork - Take Bigger Bites With 6 Tines
This handy utensil combines a melon cutting blade that slices individual portions evenly and tongs to grip, lift, and serve up each tasty slice.
Man Fork - Take Bigger Bites With 6 Tines
Creates endless julienne strips from zucchini, carrots, squash, cucumbers, and radishes for healthier raw pastas, stir-fries, garnishes, and more.
Man Fork - Take Bigger Bites With 6 Tines
The ultimate tool for creating perfect bagel slices every time, while preventing injuries because it doesn't have an exposed blade.
Man Fork - Take Bigger Bites With 6 Tines
This set of four stainless steel serrated saw blade steak knives are the perfect DIY meat deconstructing tools!
Man Fork - Take Bigger Bites With 6 Tines
Just slide your fingers around the handles of these sharp wearable stainless steel claws and embrace your animal side as you quickly shred large cuts of meat like roasts, turkeys, chickens, pork butts, hams, and more with ease.

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