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Dark Chocolate Spoons

Dark Chocolate Spoons

Dark Chocolate Spoons

These cool new Dark Chocolate Spoons are the perfect way to add a touch of chocolatey decadence to hot beverages and desserts. This set of five spoons are made in France with 72% dark chocolate and 100% natural ingredients without soy lecithin. Simply stir them into your coffee, milk or hot cocoa until they melt away, serve them with desserts like ice cream or cheesecake or go really crazy and spoon up your favorite chocolate cereal, soaking in chocolate milk and topped with extra chocolate syrup. Yum.



  • Set of Five Chocolate Spoons
  • Perfect way to add a chocolate touch in your coffee
  • Spoons will melt in hot beverages or serve with desserts
  • Made with 72% dark chocolate
  • 100% natural ingredients without soy lecithin
  • Made in France

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