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Green Bamboo Leaf Cocktail / Food Picks

Green Bamboo Leaf Cocktail / Food Picks

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Nothing says minimum effort more than using lame, boring toothpicks to pick up appetizers or hold olives in your martini. Try harder in life and use these cool new Kikkerland Leaf Picks instead. These reusable, double-pronged cocktail / food picks are shaped like long green bamboo leaves and are perfect for skewering garnishes in cocktails and picking up cheeses, fruits and veggies, small desserts, and other party hors-d'oeuvres. Best of all, they add a touch of welcome greenery and possible serenity to your day, unlike those boring toothpicks that add nothing.

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Cocktail Shake-O-Matic
Make cocktails in full-blown retro rat packish 1950s extravagance.
Ice Tornado - Silicone Ice Mold And Glass Tumbler
Lets you create your own swirling booze-filled ice twisters before you start doing some actual spinning yourself.
Mason Jar Margarita and Martini Glasses
While everyone else is mingling around the party drinking martinis and margaritas from their fancy glasses, you'll be chugging them down from a genuine mason jar mounted atop an opulent stem with working screw-on lids.
Viking Horn Cocktail Glasses
Sip your martini or cocktail like a Viking warrior after another victorious battle with these cool new Viking Horn Cocktail Glasses.
Royal Hawaiian Gold Pineapple Tumbler
This festive, two-piece tumbler is shaped like a tasty pineapple, handmade from brass including the straw, and can served with the leafy lid on top or with it below the tumbler like a stand.
Riedel MAMBA - Crystal Wine Decanter
This stunning and somewhat terrifying handmade crystal wine decanter is inspired by the fastest snake in the world, the Black Mamba, and features dual chambers to ensure perfectly aerated double decanted wine.
Beer Can Glass
If you prefer the taste of a bottle of beer over a can, but prefer the satisfying can grip and sip experience, now you can enjoy both worlds with these cool new Beer Can Glasses.
Menu Champagne Saber
Popping a cork off a champagne bottle is always kinda scarily exciting, but if you use this polished, stainless steel saber to slice the top off a champagne bottle, it becomes an epic event.
Trophy Champagne / Wine Bottle Chiller
This winning bottle chiller is forged from pewter to look like an antique trophy that you may as well put on your bookshelf to store in between uses.

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Green Bamboo Leaf Cocktail / Food Picks
These unique reusable straws, handcrafted by Balinese artisans using rare Bali mountain bamboo, are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based drinking straws.
Green Bamboo Leaf Cocktail / Food Picks
This hardcore, heavy-duty square coffee scoop is crafted from hefty cast iron with a durable teak handle and has a handy magnet embedded inside should you want to hang it from a metallic surface in between brews.
Green Bamboo Leaf Cocktail / Food Picks
Place the multi-pronged end in your tropical cocktail, the handle between your hands, and rub them together to stir.
Green Bamboo Leaf Cocktail / Food Picks
The High Five Low Five - Drink Stirrers are quite simply the coolest way to mix your favorite cocktails. Hands down.
Green Bamboo Leaf Cocktail / Food Picks
These tree branch-inspired stainless steel cocktail picks let you pile on the most exotic of garnishes high above your Bloody Mary or other cocktail creation.
Green Bamboo Leaf Cocktail / Food Picks
Just place this helpful little device in your pan, set the stir speed and it autonomously spins and revolves smoothly around the pan! Great for stirring sauces, soups, custards, gravy and much more.
Green Bamboo Leaf Cocktail / Food Picks
The ultimate fusion of eating utensils that let you tackle almost any food!
Green Bamboo Leaf Cocktail / Food Picks
Curse someone with pain and misfortune and also keep your teeth clean all at the same time.
Green Bamboo Leaf Cocktail / Food Picks
You'll never reach for a cheap plastic straw again after you suck up an ice cold beverage through one of these sleek new Stainless Steel Drinking Straws.

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