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Drop Shots - Magnetic Pint and Shot Glass Set

Drop Shots - Magnetic Pint and Shot Glass Set

Drop Shots - Magnetic Pint and Shot Glass Set

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There's nothing quite as potently refreshing as an old-fashioned Shot in a Beer AKA Bomb Shot AKA Depth Charge, but when you use this cool new Drop Shots - Magnetic Pint and Shot Glass Set, the shot glass doesn't fall on your face while chugging one down. Yep, this fun drinking set includes 2 magnetic divided shot glasses (infuse two different ingredients at once) and 2 pint glasses with magnetic bases that let you and a buddy safely consume boilermakers, Jägerbombs, and other assorted alcoholic concoctions. Just drop the shot into the beer, quickly consume, and let the magnetic action magically keep the shot from falling on your face. Repeat as many times as needed.


  • Magnetic base keeps glasses together to protect your face from the falling shot glass
  • Perfect for creating infused "drop shot" drinks like Boilermakers and Jägerbombs
  • Divided shot glass lets you infuse two different ingredients at once
  • Includes: 2 16-ounce magnetic beer glasses, 2 1.5-ounce magnetic, divided shot glasses

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