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eTiger Cosmic LED Bulb / Bluetooth Speaker

eTiger Cosmic LED Bulb / Bluetooth Speaker

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Playing music throughout your home is now as easy as screwing in a lightbulb. The cool new eTiger Cosmic is an LED lightbulb with a built-in Bluetooth speaker that not only provides low-consumption illumination but space-saving wireless audio as well. These ingenious plug and play 7.6W (60W equivalent) LED bulbs have a built-in 11W RMS speaker, screw into standard light sockets in lamps or overhead cans, can be controlled wirelessly from a Bluetooth-enabled device or with the included remote control, and have three light intensities. Very cool.

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eTiger Cosmic LED Bulb / Bluetooth Speaker
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eTiger Cosmic LED Bulb / Bluetooth Speaker
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eTiger Cosmic LED Bulb / Bluetooth Speaker
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eTiger Cosmic LED Bulb / Bluetooth Speaker
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eTiger Cosmic LED Bulb / Bluetooth Speaker
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eTiger Cosmic LED Bulb / Bluetooth Speaker
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eTiger Cosmic LED Bulb / Bluetooth Speaker
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eTiger Cosmic LED Bulb / Bluetooth Speaker
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