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Vertical Wall-Mounted Acoustic Guitar Turntable

Vertical Wall-Mounted Acoustic Guitar Turntable

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If you love music, guitars, and collecting vinyl records, then check out this cool new Acoustic Guitar Turntable from EasyGo Products. This double-take-inducing vertical turntable is shaped like a classic acoustic guitar that can be easily mounted right on the wall. Just pop on your favorite vinyl record, secure it with the magnetic record holder, and watch as the record spins sideways and music flows from the built-in speakers. It features wireless Bluetooth if you want to stream music from your phone or other digital device to the guitar's speakers, has a 3.5mm Aux-in and right and left Aux-out, and can be stood upright with the included feet or hung from the wall with the included bracket. It's a discreet yet decorative way to help save space compared to other turntable systems and it will blend right in on the wall if you happen to collect and hang up real guitars.

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Vertical Wall-Mounted Acoustic Guitar Turntable
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