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MyTunes Mini Amplifier Speaker

MyTunes Mini Amplifier Speaker

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The cool new MyTunes Mini Amplifier Speaker looks exactly like a full blown electric guitar amplifier, except this one is extra tiny and is designed to blast tunes from your iPod or other MP3 player. Simply connect the audio cable to your player's earphone jack (or through a computer via USB), push play and listen as the speaker delivers crisp digital audio from its full-range 5-watt driver. It even features 3 functional dials for volume, treble and bass control for precision fine tuning of your musical experience. If you look closely, the durable plastic cabinet sports a metal front grill, corner protectors and the classical textured surface. If you can't make it your favorite band's concert, this is sort of the next best thing.

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MyTunes Mini Amplifier Speaker
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MyTunes Mini Amplifier Speaker
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MyTunes Mini Amplifier Speaker
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MyTunes Mini Amplifier Speaker
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MyTunes Mini Amplifier Speaker
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MyTunes Mini Amplifier Speaker
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MyTunes Mini Amplifier Speaker
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