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1928 Model E3 Bluetooth Speaker

1928 Model E3 Bluetooth Speaker

1928 Model E3 Bluetooth Speaker

The 21st century provides us with the most amazing technology as long as it comes encased in cheap plastic, but that all changes with the cool new yet utterly retro 1928 Model E3 Bluetooth Speaker. This stunning vintage-inspired speaker is constructed with a cast iron base, a stamped steel grille, brass control knobs, and a linen cover and uses modern wireless Bluetooth technology on the inside to blast full, rich, hi-fidelity sound from your mobile phone or MP3 player. It comes in two different sizes depending on your music and spacial needs, but either one is sure to draw a double-take or two.

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  • Inspired by a freestanding speaker designed in 1928 to accompany a radio receiver
  • Wireless technology lets you stream music from your mobile phone or MP3 player to the speaker
  • Cast iron base with a stamped steel grille and linen cover
  • A brass knob controls the volume
  • Full, rich, hi-fidelity sound
  • Music pauses with incoming calls and resumes when call ends
  • Bluetooth® compatible with Android™ and all Apple iOS® devices
  • AC adapter included

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