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Wet My Whistle Musical Drinking Straws

Wet My Whistle Musical Drinking Straws

Wet My Whistle Musical Drinking Straws

These cool new Wet My Whistle Musical Straws let you not only let you take a sip from your favorite beverage, but also blow bubbles into your drink while playing potentially beautiful music as well. Just insert the straw into a drinkable liquid, gently blow, and it whistles. To drink, just place your finger over the hole and it works like normal. Each straw is reusable and dishwasher safe and perfect for whistling for another round or just starting an impromptu musical group with your friends while enjoying a tasty beverage.

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  • Set of 4 musical straws
  • A straw that works like a whistle - just blow to hear your melodious tunes
  • To drink, just block the whistle hole with your finger when you're ready to sip
  • Fun for parties! Use it to signal to the host that you need a refill
  • Food-Safe polypropylene construction makes the straws fun for kids and safe for mom
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Size: 8" L x 0.5" W

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