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Glass Filter Straws for Coffee and Tea

Glass Filter Straws for Coffee and Tea

Glass Filter Straws for Coffee and Tea

A Glass Filter Straw is a cool new all-in-one stirrer, filter and straw utensil for brewing and enjoying a perfect cup of tea or coffee right in your mug. Simply boil some water, add your favorite loose leaf tea or ground coffee to your cup, pour in the hot water and insert either a Glass Coffee Straw or Glass Tea Straw (sold separately) and stir.

There are two Glass Straw versions. The Glass Coffee Straw has a mini French Press filter attached to the end of a handcrafted glass straw that is ideal for coffee, tea, and other infusions, while the Glass Tea Straw has a glass strainer attached to a handcrafted glass straw instead. As you sip through either straw, the filter at the bottom strains out the coffee grounds or tea leaves and only lets the brewed beverage through.

These sleek and stylish Glass Straws are great if you only want to make a single cup of coffee rather than a whole pot of it, and they're the perfect solution for loose leaf tea lovers and those who don't want to throw away all those tea bags as well. Whichever glass straw you choose, they come in a lightweight carrying tube that features a special compartment for holding extra coffee or loose leaf tea.

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  • Effortlessly brew tea or coffee in your cup and then filter out the leaves and grounds with these hand crafted glass straws
  • Coffee Straw: Mini French Press filter attached to a hand crafted glass straw - perfect for coffee, tea, and other infusions
  • Tea Straw: Glass strainer attached to a hand crafted glass straw - great for tea
  • Includes: Glass straw and lightweight carrying tube (with a special compartment for transporting your coffee or loose tea)
  • Easy to clean - just run under hot water or place in your dishwasher
  • Dimensions: Approx. 8.5" L

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