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JOEmo Tea Brew Travel Mug

JOEmo Tea Brew Travel Mug

JOEmo Tea Brew Travel Mug

The JOEmo Tea Brew Travel Mug is an innovative new travel mug for busy tea drinkers, that not only keeps the tea hot for hours, but brews it inside as well. Inside this 14 oz travel mug made from 1/8 inch stainless steel and vacuum thermal construction is a fine mesh filter basket that locks in place for brewing loose-leaf tea on the go. The travel mug is leakproof and spillproof, so it can infuse the tea safely inside your briefcase, purse or backback while you are racing to work or school and even features a no look open/close, 360 degree drink top for easy consumption. It also keeps coffee and other beverages insulated as well, but isn't it a nice change of pace to have a delicious cup of your favorite tea in the morning instead. I'm so sick of coffee.

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  • 14 oz capacity
  • 1/8 inch stainless
  • Leak and drip proof
  • Brew tea in the fine mesh filter basket
  • Vacuum thermal construction help keep your drink hot for hours
  • No look open/close
  • 360 degree drink top
  • Travel is bag included
  • 8" H x 2.75" Diameter

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