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WowWee Rovio - Robotic Home Sentry and Interactive Mobile WebCam

WowWee Rovio - Robotic Home Sentry and Interactive Mobile WebCam

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Imagine being able to monitor your home and family while on vacation, away at the office or just anytime you're away and feel the need to check in on things. Did the house get robbed? Is the babysitter up to no good? Is the cat swinging from the ceiling fan... again? Is Grandma down? Is your spouse "entertaining" a special visitor? These questions can all be answered with your own 21st century WowWee Rovio - Robotic Home Sentry

The Rovio is a Wi-Fi enabled robotic remote-control webcam that can move in any direction and lets you monitor and spy on your home from anywhere in the world. Simply log on using a remote device capable of browsing the Internet like a PC or Mac, cell phone, video game console and more to gain interactive mobile access to high-resolution streaming video (640 x 480) and audio of your home via Rovio's built-in camera and microphone. It features real-time voice interaction with subjects with its built-in two-way microphone and speaker, so you can tell the dog to get off the couch or scare away a burglar. It can even takes still pictures and e-mail them to you on command. This amazing little robot guardian can be controlled remotely by you or patrol your home on 10 customizable paths using 3 omni-directional wheels for nimble 360° movement and its NorthStar Navigation System and infared sensors to detect and avoid obstacles in its way. It has a built-in rechargeable battery with remote self-dock re-charge feature, an LED for night time illumination and a 100' Wi-Fi range. Unfortunately, it's not fully-armed to the teeth, but maybe that's a good thing. Remember what happened with ED-209 in Robocop (see videos)?

The Rovio may seem like a fun toy and I'm sure kids would love to play spy games with it, but it's actually a cool addition to any high-tech home security plan. Being able to remotely view and interact with your home and family from anywhere on the planet is simply pure peace-of-mind. Plus, it could also be a lot of fun to mess with pets while you're bored at the office.

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