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Romo - Interactive Smartphone Robot

Romo - Interactive Smartphone Robot

Romo - Interactive Smartphone Robot

Tired of playing with your mean old hissing/biting/scratching cat? Well, it's the 21st century, so adopt one of these cool new Romo - Smartphone Robots instead. This cute and friendly little robot ingeniously uses your iPhone and a free app to be it's brain to control its treaded roving base. Basically, your iPhone is now truly mobile and gets a fun and curious personality that learns and interacts with you and the world. This digital creature can be driven around, taught to follow your face, send video or be controlled via a compatible iOS device... from anywhere in the world, and even responds when you touch or tickle the screen. Yep, a cool little robot friend that you didn't know you wanted in your life until you check out the demo videos below. So cool.

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