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Flying Santa Drone

Flying Santa Drone

Flying Santa Drone

How does Santa Claus deliver all those presents every Christmas Eve to all the good boys and girls on planet Earth? He used to do one house at time back in the old days when there much less population, but now in the 21st century, he obviously sends out millions and millions of miniature magical sleigh drones developed by his top elf in charge of research and development at the North Pole. While the actual drones are not for sale because they require top secret magic, Santa decided to release a fun toy version instead. This cool new Flying Santa Drone is a remote-controlled flying drone of Santa's sleigh pulled by four magical reindeer... and three propellers. While it should be fun to finally be able to fly Santa's sleigh around, it doesn't actually deliver presents like the real North Pole drones do, so you better be extra good this year. Also try to avoid crashing it on the roof or in the fog... Rudolf not included.

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  • Santa Claus really is coming to town!
  • Meet the first radio-controlled flying Santa Drone
  • Pulled by four of his fastest reindeer (and three propellers)
  • Three sets of powerful mini propellers keep Saint Nick afloat while you can easily manoeuvre him about with the included radio contro
  • Developed at the North Pole using top-secret elf technology, aeronautical expertise, and a touch of Christmas magic
  • Fly him outside the window on Xmas eve to blow people's minds!
  • You're looking at the result of years of research and development at Santa's workshop

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