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Selfie Drone

Selfie Drone

Selfie Drone

Put down that selfie stick, lower your arm, call off the paparazzi, and simply simply launch this cool new Selfie Drone instead. This tiny high tech drone launches and lands with ease right from your hand so you can take selfies from all new heights and angles, up to a 98' range.

It's piloted by a free smartphone app and features obstacle avoidance, an optical flow for stable flight to create a hovering tripod, a 12 MP camera with electronic and mechanical stabilization and flash, 1080p/60 fps video, and a rechargeable battery that provides 8 minutes of flight time on a 90 minute charge. Perfect for epic vacations and adventures, showing off at parties, or just taking a selfie with your selfie drone.

Why do I have the feeling that in the very near future everyone will just have their own selfie drone following them around all day live streaming their daily routines like a reality show? Anyways, this is where it begins.

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