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Authentic 6 Foot Remote Controlled RMS Titanic!

Authentic 6 Foot Remote Controlled RMS Titanic!

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If you're looking for the ultimate in R/C boating experiences, simply launch this Authentic 6 Foot Remote Controlled RMS Titanic! into your local pond or lake! Unlike the real Titanic trapped at the bottom of the ocean, this 1:150 scale reproduction is seemingly built to last, but then again, so was the original.

This gigantic, er, Titanic R/C ship of dreams features even the smallest of details, right down to the lack of lifeboats. It's construction involves nearly 400 man-hours to assemble all of the 300 individually handcrafted pieces and authentic period details. It has sculpted cedar strips that overlay the molded fiberglass hull, white maple planks (stained to replicate the color of the originals) for the decking, mahogany superstructures and laser-cut injection molded plastic for the railings, windows, doors and funnels. Rather than steam, this little Titanic is powered by two rechargeable batteries supplying energy to three 550-watt electric motors that drive each of the 3 propellers. It can achieve a cruising speed up to 5 mph on calm water for up to three hours or until it hits an iceberg, whichever comes first!

This truly is an amazing collectible for fans of the Titanic, nautical enthusiasts and R/C hobbyists alike. However, with the sheer amount of work put into it and the immense costs involved, putting anything named Titanic back out on the water is truly at your own risk! Jack and Rose are not included.

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